Boeing inaugurates new cyber-security centre


Despite recent defence budget cuts, the aerospace company Boeing is expecting high growth in the sector of cyber-security, and opened its new ‘Cyber Engagement Centre’ yesterday. Dennis Mullenberg, the company’s chief executive for defence, space and security, explained that the company is trying to balance decreasing defence sales by stronger commercial sales.


Boeing’s strategy contains the integration of new capabilities to its cyber-security portfolio. Part of this strategy is also the purchase of smaller cyber-companies such as the recently bought eXMeritus and Kostrei, which offer tools for data analysis and secure information-sharing capabilities. The new cyber centre will employ 30 to 40 staff and will monitor Boeing’s own large computer network. According to Roger Krone, president of Boeing Network and Space Systems, the opening of the cyber centre demonstrates the company’s commitment to defend existing and future customers against the growing cyber-threat. “This is a hundred year market for us,” Krone said. “It’s a huge inflection point.”


The SDA recently launched a cyber-security initiative, featuring EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in an evening debate on November 9th 2011.