October 2011

+++13/10/2011 Cloud-based cyber-attack on Raytheon+++


+++11/10/2011 Cyber-attack hits Turkish government sites+++


+++10/10/2011 US military drone network hit by keylogger virus+++


+++06/10/2011 Anonymous group of cyber-hacktivists plans on erasing NYSE “from the Internet” on October 10th+++


+++01/10/2011 Vodafone New Zealand hit by cyber-attack on California ISP+++ 

September 2011

+++26/09/2011 Australia’s NetRegistry suffers major cyber-attack+++


+++23/09/2011 Government sites in Asia and Eastern Europe hit by cyber-espionage campaign+++


+++22/09/2011 Japanese computers found to be linked to South Korean cyber-attack+++


+++21/09/2011 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries confirmed it was hit by a cyber-attack in August+++


+++18/09/2011 Japanese government websites come under cyber-attack+++


+++12/09/2011 Cyber-attack targets Russian embassy website+++


+++11/09/2011 Turkish hackers preparing cyber-attack on Israeli sites+++ 


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