What we do


The SDA is the only think-tank in Brussels focusing exclusively on defence and security issues. It ensures the voices of all stakeholders are heard by gathering representatives from NATO and the EU, national governments and parliaments, industry, academia, think-tanks, NGOs and the media. The SDA places emphasis on topical, lively and innovative debates and publications, giving all stakeholders an opportunity to voice their opinions. 


International Conferences

SDA conferences bring together a cross-section of security and defence stakeholders from EU institutions, NATO, national governments and parliaments, industry, the media, think-tanks, academia and NGOs.  Areas of focus include the future of Europe's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), NATO’s role in the 21st century, regional conflicts, civil-military cooperation, the development of “new tasks” in European militaries and the nature of threats in a globalised world. The SDA’s flagship events are its NATO conference, usually held in June, and the Security & Defence Day, usually held in November. These annual events are the highlight of the Brussels calendar for transatlantic policymakers.

Roundtables and Debates
The SDA’s signature activities are its roundtables and debates. Featuring a panel of high-level experts, these lively discussions focus on the various political, technical, legal, military and economic factors that influence security affairs. From missile defence to cybersecurity, transatlantic relations to pan-European co-operation, the SDA aims to highlight the most important topics in contemporary security and defence relations.


The SDA’s reports contain analysis and policy recommendations. Area-specific discussion papers feature collections of articles written by leading policymakers and academics in their fields. Previous topics have included maritime security, biopreparedness, the future of NATO-CSDP relations and the EU’s Africa strategy. All of these publications are widely circulated to defence and security stakeholders, making the SDA an important reference for policymakers worldwide.