Monday 29 March 2010



The lessons of Mumbai – Re-evaluating counterterrorism policies in Europe – May



Giles de Kerchove, EU Counterterrorism Coordinator


   Daniel Keohane, Senior Research Fellow, EU-ISS


Peter Vergauwen, First Officer, SC5 Terrorism Unit, EUROPOL




 Rahul Roy-Chaudhury, Senior Fellow for South Asia, IISS


 The panel, moderated by Giles Merritt, Director of the Security & Defence Agenda


 Pascale Andréani, French Ambassador to NATO



Can NATO’s solidarity crisis be fixed? – March



Rob de Wijk, Director of the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS)


Rem Korteweg, Policy Analyst, HCSS   


The panel, discussing the conclusions of the New Horizons study




Zoltan Martinusz, Hungarian Ambassador to NATO


Sven Biscop, Director of the Security & Global Governance Programme, EGMONT


Cristina Gallach, Spokesperson of the Secretary General and High Representative for CFSP, Council of the EU



Re-thinking Europe’s naval power – March



The panel, discussing European tools to face new challenges like piracy


  Commander Snowy Lintern, Liaison Officer of the EU Naval Force in Somalia


John Young, Vice President (Programmes) for Global Business Operations, Raytheon Integrated Defence Systems




 Vice Admiral Xavier Magne, French Deputy Chief of Staff for Maritime and Air Operations


 Rear Admiral Stefan Engdahl, Swedish Military Representative to the EU and NATO EAPMC


Participants discussing after the debate



Could Balkan newcomers to NATO and the EU affect the security of the West? – March




 A discussion between to panels in Brussels and Washington


Admiral Giampaolo di Paola, Chairman of the Military Committee, NATO


Peter Weilemannn, Director of the European Office, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung 





 Jamie Shea, Director for Policy and Planning, Private Office of the Secretary General of NATO


High level participants were attending the debate 


Doris Pack, MEP, interviewed after the debate



Assessing the value of Security Strategy review – February




The first session of the debate addressed the following question: “After the recent ESDP review, what should we expect of the NATO summit?”


Horst Teltschik, former security adviser to Helmut Kohl, former Chairman of the Munich Security Conference


Ana Maria Gomes, MEP, Subcommittee on Security and Defence, European Parliament





 Christine Roger, French PSC Ambassador, and Giles Merritt, Director of the SDA


The second session of the debate addressed the following question: “Are security strategies a growing embarrassment to policymakers?”


Jamie Shea, Director for Policy Planning in the Private Office of the Secretary General, NATO



Transatlantic leadership for a new era – January



The Secretary General of NATO gave his first speech since the inauguration of Barack Obama and set out his vision for the future of NATO and transatlantic relations in the run-up to the Strasbourg-Kehl Summit in April.

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