LulzSec launches new campaign


The hacker group LulzSec has announced it intentions to steal classified information from governments, banks and other high-ranking establishments. The group known for it previous attacks on Sony Corp, the CIA, News Corp’s Fox TV and other targets has mostly managed to temporarily disrupt websites and to release user’s informations. But the group yesterday announced it cooperation with the Anonymous hacker activist group to cause more serious trouble. “Government hacking is taking place right now, behind the scenes,” LulzSec said on Monday in a message posted on Twitter. US government authorities, including the FBI, declined to give any comments on their ongoing efforts to combat LulzSec and Anonymous. On Tuesday, British police announced the arrests of a 19 year old man suspected of being connected with the attacks on Sony, the CIA and a British police unit that fights organized crime. London police declined to say if the teenager was a member of LulzSec, but the hacking group acknowledged his participation to some of their chatrooms. The arrest comes after Spanish police earlier this month apprehended three men suspected of helping the two groups take down the public website of the CIA, and publishing data from internal servers of the U.S. Senate. Despite the new turn taken by LulzSec, their actions remains non lucrative.