January 2012

Public-private cooperation in cyber-security

Policymakers’ dinner


National approaches to cyber-security greatly vary within Europe and around the world. In some countries, legal responsibility to combat piracy rests with internet providers, with technical expertise often greater in the private sector. How much frontline protection should be left to private companies? How good is information-sharing between public institutions and the private sector? Can the creation of new EU-level and international standards improve our cyber-security, and if so what should these entail?

                                                                                                                           March 2012

EU-U.S. Cooperation in cyber-security

Policymakers’ dinner 


The EU-U.S. Cyber working group set up in late 2010 was tasked with developing a collaborative transatlantic approach to cyber-security. What obstacles still stand in the way of to improving cooperation and what role should be played by international organisations from the UN downwards? What are the legal difficulties that stand in the way of greater cyber-security, and how do governments plan to reconcile our rights as citizens with their own concerns over national security ?

                                                                                                                               may 2012

Cyber-protection of critical infrastructure

Policymakers’ dinner 


Most cyber-attacks have so far had criminal and financial motives, but for governments the nightmare scenario remains an attack on critical infrastructure. Is a radical approach like cutting such networks off the “public” internet the best solution and could developments like smart grids aggravate this threat? What innovations could make critical infrastructure systems more resilient? Have insurers been party to international governance discussions, and what can software corporations do to help? Is the idea of an EU-wide rapid reaction force for cyber-attacks either feasible or desirable?