The 2010 annual report is currently being finalised. The SDA's expected turnover is some €600,000, of which around 25% were contributed by various governments, around 20% by international institutions, some 5% by private foundations and think-tanks, and the remainder through corporate membership and partnerships for events and publications.


Membership packages are not personal, but allow any representative of a member organisation to attend our debates and receive hard copies of our reports and publications. For details, see our Membership page.

The Security & Defence Agenda (SDA) communicates transparently and openly on project-related partnerships (debates, reports or discussion papers). Partners receive visibility on invitations, on the website and in our reports, and project-related partners receive visibility in the communications campaign of the project, and an opportunity to speak at them.  The SDA offers a platform for all relevant viewpoints and opinions, including those of business and industry. It does not itself represent any interests, but contractually retains responsibity for the independence and intellectual balance and quality of all its projects.