Monday 25 January 2010
Last call for facilitators for  the Online Security Jam 4-9 February 2010

Upgrade your CV by playing a part in the most exciting international relations event of the decade.

What is the Online Security Jam?

An internet based brainstorm over five days organised by ten of the world’s leading think tanks and with the official support of the European Commission and NATO. The Security Jam will gather practical ideas from practitioners in order to provide concrete solutions to the challenges facing the international community in the 21st Century.

What is a Security Jam Facilitator?

Facilitators are the brightest researchers or PhD & Masters students, who are responsible for ensuring that innovative and ground breaking ideas are heard during the debate. Facilitators commit to be logged on to Jam for one or more sessions of 3 hours to follow the discussion and promote good ideas emerging from the discussions.

Facilitators will also have the chance to brainstorm in real-time with leading experts in their chosen field and VIPs during their 3 hour shift.

Moreover they will be working side by side with seasoned experts such as Robin Niblett of Chatham House or Jamie Shea of NATO, on the same platform and with the same involvement.

As long as you have internet access you can facilitate the online discussions from anywhere in the world.

Ten discussion forums designed around pressing security challenges will bring together experts and practitioners from the entire spectrum of the international community to brainstorm on:

1) Afghanistan

2) Climate Change

3) Crisis Management

4) Piracy

5) Development & Security

6) Human Rights & Security

7) Providing a Comprehensive Approach

8) Capabilities & Training

9) Relations with Russia & China

10) The political context of Security

Why become a Facilitator?

To upgrade your CV for starters. And to show off your skills in front of some of the top people you’re likely to meet. Plus, all facilitators’ names will be published in the Security Jam’s official report targeted at providing solutions to the major security challenges facing the international community today. This report will be presented to the EU and NATO leaderships, among other, in April 2010, and distributed to over 50,000 individuals internationally.

How to volunteer:

1. Register for the Security Jam online at

2. Send us your registration confirmation along with 100 words on why you should be chosen as a facilitator.

3. Specify which forum you are applying for and send your application to

Go to for more information. 

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