Cyber-attack on RSA by nation State groups

Key US defence contractor RSA Security admitted yesterday that cyber-attacks on the company’s SecurID authentication tokens earlier this year can be traced to two nation state hacker groups. RSA’s executive chairman Art Coviello said: “There were two individual groups from one nation state, one supporting the other. One was very visible and one less so.” 

Joint NATO-EU operation at Kosovo-Serbia Border

NATO and EU have started a joint operation of their KFOR and EULEX missions in the border region between Northern Kosovo and Serbia on October 13th. This measure is aimed to defuse tensions in this area after ethnic Serbs recently started blocking several roads towards border control posts. “This morning, KFOR and EULEX began joint operations…

Cloud-based Cyber-attack on Raytheon

The UK defence contractor Raytheon has been target of a recent cyber-attack. Raytheon’s head of cyber-security Vincent Blake explained that hackers applied a cloud-based attack to steal important data from the computers of 20 of the company’s employees. “The attack vector was through emails targeted to individuals,” he said. “We had 20 people targeted. …”