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Friday 27 August 2010

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 If you have ever used a computer you already know how to Jam!



What is a Jam Session?


The Security Jam Session can be thought of as an online conference. During the event, members of the defence and security community will be able to interact directly with representatives from civil society, NGOs, academia, industry and the media at the push of a button.


The unique values of the Security Jam are its accessibility and global outreach. This web based brainstorm platform has been specifically designed to meet the needs of busy professionals and to facilitate collaboration on a global scale.

For example, the Jam could facilitate the commander of an EU naval vessel in the Gulf of Aden brainstorming with development experts at UN Headquarters, officials in Brussels and Washington, as well as specialists from NGOs worldwide.

Security Jam participants are urged to contribute well-developed and concise thoughts on security matters as well as concrete suggestions on how to improve cooperation in a certain field. In the spirit of cooperation, participants will have the chance to direct questions to VIP guests and work towards providing solutions together.

It only takes a few minutes to log on and contribute your ideas, so you can schedule your comments around your own agenda and return as many times as you can manage over the five day Security Jam.



How to Register

Participation in the Security Jam requires pre-registration using your professional e-mail address in order to verify your institutional accreditation.

 Watch our video guide on how to register


Past Online Jam Sessions


Online ‘Jam sessions’ have already been used to great success in the public sector (UN-HABITAT and the FCO) as well as in the private sector (IBM and Nokia). The inspirational UN-HABITAT Jam of 1-4 December 2005 showed the world what could be achieved when members of the international community come together to build solutions to shared problems.


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